Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 1)

“Time for the last dance.” She unsheathed her blade and gripped it with both hands. It would have been more badass if she could use two swords simultaneously like Kain, but she didn’t have the strength for that.

You needed a lot of power to behead a creature and using explosive rounds wouldn’t be wise. She liked herself without parts of her face missing. That would be a turn off. She didn’t need any more of that. Although, that might not be of any concern after this gig. It may be her last one.

The third through the door. That was a good position. It meant Kain trusted her at his back. She appreciated it. Though something more than trust would have made her happier, but she knew where the lines were. No feelings for him. Walking the earth for so many years made him numb. She didn’t think he understood human feelings. He realized the complexity of them and their capacity to change the outcome of a war. He just couldn’t relate. It was sad, really. She wanted to give him a happy memory at least. But he didn’t know what happiness was. On the plus side, he didn’t know what sadness was either. So there was balance in the universe after all.

The creatures inside were waiting for them. No one thought they would just lie down and die. It would have been so much easier. Pity, that easy never was the way of fate. Most of them would never see the end of this. This was the last strike they needed to be victorious. And every last one of them would gladly give their life for the cause. But it made her sad. So it was really good that she didn’t have any more time to think about the situation.


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