Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 2)

She ducked when a taloned hand tried to grab for her throat. She thrust her blade towards a head. Thrusting was not a good move, she knew that. A blade through a skull killed lots of things but not all of them. Beheading? Yeah, that worked like a charm every time. There was no creature that could regenerate a head.

On the other hand, humans were easy to kill so they had trained really hard to be a forced to be reckoned with. She was good but not the best. Even like that she had been allowed to be the third through the door. And that way she could see Kain cutting a way in the crowd of monsters. It was a sight to behold. He was dancing with his swords and there remained nothing alive in his wake. It was a beautiful. As beautiful as rain of blood, sweat and innards can get with the background music of dying screams. Every movement was efficient and it seemed like nothing could touch him.

He was the man for the job. Maybe he was the only one who could do it. Take out the last strategist of the enemy and they will fold. They had no hope of winning without one. The last bastion would crumble and the rebellion would rise.

It was the last mission. They did this over and over for a while now. Meeting with more and more resistance. But the rebellion would not be stopped. They had nothing to lose. They had had no life of their own before, so it hadn’t been a real choice to give it up. Those in the rebel army would give anything for the freedom of their people. And if everything went according to plans, this was the last time they had to risk everything.


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