Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 4)

Abel caught the knife before it could do any damage. Damned vampire reflexes. He threw it back with an annoyed expression like he was swatting flies. The blade came back with a speed she couldn’t comprehend. She moved too late. Although it wasn’t buried in her throat, it still nicked an artery. She fell to the floor as blood pulsated from her neck. The smell would have made her gag if she had had energy for that. She put her hand over the wound and tried to slow the bleeding but she knew she wouldn’t make it. She saw Kain getting up and reengaging with Abel. She even saw him kill his brother. It made her calm. They won. Nothing can stop them now.

As the black spots took over her vision, she was wondering how the hell she got herself into this. She wanted to be a hero and now she was dying for her people. But she was just one of the uncountable many who sacrificed everything. She wanted to be better. She had always wanted to be better than the others. As it turned out, she couldn’t be. But at least she could be as good as them.

When had it all started, though? Maybe when they decided that the best way was to take out the strategists. Yeah, that had to be it.


Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 3)

It seemed the practiced moves didn’t make her thought process disappear. Her brain was just a little slower as she cut through skin, muscle, tendon and bone. Kain took point; they just cleaned up after him and watched his back. It was kind of boring. Cut off an arm, sever a leg, thrust into heads.

Everything changed when Abel showed up. The little shit would do anything just to see his brother fail. Or rather die. But it wasn’t that easy to kill Kain. It would have been funny to see Abel cut down his own allies who stood between them but as he was the only one who could stop the rebellion it was just plain disturbing. The brothers looked almost the same. Only the tattoos that ran from the top of his head to his toes made Kain distinguishable.

When they clashed everything and everybody stayed as far away as they could. They became a blur of bodies and swords. She couldn’t follow the movement with her human eyes. She never stopped doing her job, engaging the enemy, but she kept one eye on them waiting for an opportunity to arise.

She didn’t have to wait for long. After a few minutes Kain flew through the room and landed in a heap at the base of a wall. He needed time to gather himself. She was able to give him something at last. She grabbed a throwing knife from her belt and threw it at Abel. After a moment she realized how stupid she was. Standing up against maybe the most ancient killing machine with a few years of experience was the epitome of stupidity. Still, she wanted to help Kain any way she could. She didn’t think she would pay with her life for this little distraction.

Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 2)

She ducked when a taloned hand tried to grab for her throat. She thrust her blade towards a head. Thrusting was not a good move, she knew that. A blade through a skull killed lots of things but not all of them. Beheading? Yeah, that worked like a charm every time. There was no creature that could regenerate a head.

On the other hand, humans were easy to kill so they had trained really hard to be a forced to be reckoned with. She was good but not the best. Even like that she had been allowed to be the third through the door. And that way she could see Kain cutting a way in the crowd of monsters. It was a sight to behold. He was dancing with his swords and there remained nothing alive in his wake. It was a beautiful. As beautiful as rain of blood, sweat and innards can get with the background music of dying screams. Every movement was efficient and it seemed like nothing could touch him.

He was the man for the job. Maybe he was the only one who could do it. Take out the last strategist of the enemy and they will fold. They had no hope of winning without one. The last bastion would crumble and the rebellion would rise.

It was the last mission. They did this over and over for a while now. Meeting with more and more resistance. But the rebellion would not be stopped. They had nothing to lose. They had had no life of their own before, so it hadn’t been a real choice to give it up. Those in the rebel army would give anything for the freedom of their people. And if everything went according to plans, this was the last time they had to risk everything.

Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 1)

“Time for the last dance.” She unsheathed her blade and gripped it with both hands. It would have been more badass if she could use two swords simultaneously like Kain, but she didn’t have the strength for that.

You needed a lot of power to behead a creature and using explosive rounds wouldn’t be wise. She liked herself without parts of her face missing. That would be a turn off. She didn’t need any more of that. Although, that might not be of any concern after this gig. It may be her last one.

The third through the door. That was a good position. It meant Kain trusted her at his back. She appreciated it. Though something more than trust would have made her happier, but she knew where the lines were. No feelings for him. Walking the earth for so many years made him numb. She didn’t think he understood human feelings. He realized the complexity of them and their capacity to change the outcome of a war. He just couldn’t relate. It was sad, really. She wanted to give him a happy memory at least. But he didn’t know what happiness was. On the plus side, he didn’t know what sadness was either. So there was balance in the universe after all.

The creatures inside were waiting for them. No one thought they would just lie down and die. It would have been so much easier. Pity, that easy never was the way of fate. Most of them would never see the end of this. This was the last strike they needed to be victorious. And every last one of them would gladly give their life for the cause. But it made her sad. So it was really good that she didn’t have any more time to think about the situation.