Chapter 2 – Strategists (part 2)

Kain put his half-smoked cigarette out and moved back to the giant table heaving himself onto a chair with a sigh. Steeling himself, he tried to pick back up the line of conversation.

“Why are we even trying? We are not strategists. We should just capture one from one of the Lords.” The little red wolf was always so eager to fight. He thought they should have gone head to head with the Hunters’ army. Even Kain wasn’t that reckless.

“We can’t capture a strategist. Haven’t you learnt anything? They are the most precious possessions of the Lords. Of course, they are the most guarded ones, too.” It made Kain feel a little bit better that they had some more sensible people here. It would have been bad if he had been the most reasonable one for commonsense had never been his strong suit.

“But they are humans, too. They should help us. We have no hope to win without one.” Alex wasn’t an optimist at the best of times and this wasn’t the best of times. Regretfully, she wasn’t wrong either. At the age of six, every human was made to take a test that determined their mental abilities. Those who had the ability to invent things were ranked inventors and those who had strong strategic skills were ranked strategists. Children in these two categories were separated and taught in specific schools from then on. The others became slaves and food.

“Have you ever met a strategist? You can’t think of them as humans. They don’t think in terms of species and race even though all of them are humans,” Kain said. “They are taught to think of everybody as enemies or allies and everything as a tool to use. They are incapable of taking care of themselves so they just serve whoever takes care of them. They can’t identify themselves with humans or Hunters or any other group. Strategists live to win battles but those battles are like games of chess for them. They don’t understand the loss of life. If they did, they would go mad. No human being can have that much blood on his consciousness and not go crazy. They grow up in isolation and think in games. They don’t understand your cause because they live in a different world and you won’t be able to make them understand. Maybe you can kidnap one but they are all chipped. We are not equipped to remove those chips so we can’t hide them. Their Lord will either send warriors after them or just activate the destruction program taking their lives in seconds. It would do us no good to kidnap one of them.”

“From the age of six they are taught to win fights, battles and wars. We can’t win if can’t outthink them. How are we supposed to rise against the Lords if they all have strategies ready against us?” Alex sounded defeated.


Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 2)

She ducked when a taloned hand tried to grab for her throat. She thrust her blade towards a head. Thrusting was not a good move, she knew that. A blade through a skull killed lots of things but not all of them. Beheading? Yeah, that worked like a charm every time. There was no creature that could regenerate a head.

On the other hand, humans were easy to kill so they had trained really hard to be a forced to be reckoned with. She was good but not the best. Even like that she had been allowed to be the third through the door. And that way she could see Kain cutting a way in the crowd of monsters. It was a sight to behold. He was dancing with his swords and there remained nothing alive in his wake. It was a beautiful. As beautiful as rain of blood, sweat and innards can get with the background music of dying screams. Every movement was efficient and it seemed like nothing could touch him.

He was the man for the job. Maybe he was the only one who could do it. Take out the last strategist of the enemy and they will fold. They had no hope of winning without one. The last bastion would crumble and the rebellion would rise.

It was the last mission. They did this over and over for a while now. Meeting with more and more resistance. But the rebellion would not be stopped. They had nothing to lose. They had had no life of their own before, so it hadn’t been a real choice to give it up. Those in the rebel army would give anything for the freedom of their people. And if everything went according to plans, this was the last time they had to risk everything.