Chapter 2 – Strategists (part 3)

“How come none of the Hunters are strategists or inventors?” the red wolf asked. Kain should have known his name but he hadn’t bothered with names for at least five hundred years.

“Calling them Hunters when we are just as much hunters as they are. You are a disgrace to our kind, Richie.”

“But you don’t live longer than a human and never as long as we do,” Kain smiled at the older wolf flashing fangs. “Kid, we live forever. We don’t seek change. We love our old ways. That’s why we have never been able to keep up with people. It was just bad luck for humanity that the flu pandemic came. 1918, the year we took the world back. But short-lived creatures always burn so much brighter. You cling to life like there is no tomorrow and for you it may be true. The point is Hunters always like the ways things are if they are on top so we are just not interested in inventing new things except maybe new ways of torture. But I think that special cup is already full. We could be the best strategists since we had so much time to learn the art of war and we were before the new inventions. However, with our unchanging personality we cannot fully appreciate the new inventions. This renders us useless in the modern warfare. That’s why there are only human strategists. And as for weres, Hunters just think you inferior to humans. Even to animals actually.” At this point the weres in the room erupted in growls all over the room. “I didn’t say I agreed,” Kain smiled a killer smile. “But I didn’t say I disagreed either.”

Richie sprung out of his chair and started for him. He really hoped it was worth antagonizing a room full of weres because he was bored out of his mind and he needed the action. As it turned out, of course, nothing happened. At least nothing that reached him. Two other wolf caught the red one. Alex looked in his eyes and said, “Sit.” She pointed at the chair he vacated seconds earlier. The little red one spared a cold glare for Kain, then sit back like the obedient dog he was.

Kain started to think Alex was the trainer in this animal circus since almost every one of the wolves did as she said or asked. It was impressive. “So what should we do? Is there anything we can do against this kind of odds?” Alex inquired with as much enthusiasm as before.

There was something Kain had been considering since they started to work on their strategy. He thought it was time to reveal the only viable plan he could come up with. “We should kill their strategists. Without them, the Lords won’t be able to act against us in time. I think this is the only way we have a slight chance to win.”

They had done just that. Now she was lying in her own blood waiting for the end thinking about how it had all started. She realized she was wrong. It had all started earlier. So much earlier…


Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 3)

It seemed the practiced moves didn’t make her thought process disappear. Her brain was just a little slower as she cut through skin, muscle, tendon and bone. Kain took point; they just cleaned up after him and watched his back. It was kind of boring. Cut off an arm, sever a leg, thrust into heads.

Everything changed when Abel showed up. The little shit would do anything just to see his brother fail. Or rather die. But it wasn’t that easy to kill Kain. It would have been funny to see Abel cut down his own allies who stood between them but as he was the only one who could stop the rebellion it was just plain disturbing. The brothers looked almost the same. Only the tattoos that ran from the top of his head to his toes made Kain distinguishable.

When they clashed everything and everybody stayed as far away as they could. They became a blur of bodies and swords. She couldn’t follow the movement with her human eyes. She never stopped doing her job, engaging the enemy, but she kept one eye on them waiting for an opportunity to arise.

She didn’t have to wait for long. After a few minutes Kain flew through the room and landed in a heap at the base of a wall. He needed time to gather himself. She was able to give him something at last. She grabbed a throwing knife from her belt and threw it at Abel. After a moment she realized how stupid she was. Standing up against maybe the most ancient killing machine with a few years of experience was the epitome of stupidity. Still, she wanted to help Kain any way she could. She didn’t think she would pay with her life for this little distraction.