Chapter 1 – The Last Dance (part 4)

Abel caught the knife before it could do any damage. Damned vampire reflexes. He threw it back with an annoyed expression like he was swatting flies. The blade came back with a speed she couldn’t comprehend. She moved too late. Although it wasn’t buried in her throat, it still nicked an artery. She fell to the floor as blood pulsated from her neck. The smell would have made her gag if she had had energy for that. She put her hand over the wound and tried to slow the bleeding but she knew she wouldn’t make it. She saw Kain getting up and reengaging with Abel. She even saw him kill his brother. It made her calm. They won. Nothing can stop them now.

As the black spots took over her vision, she was wondering how the hell she got herself into this. She wanted to be a hero and now she was dying for her people. But she was just one of the uncountable many who sacrificed everything. She wanted to be better. She had always wanted to be better than the others. As it turned out, she couldn’t be. But at least she could be as good as them.

When had it all started, though? Maybe when they decided that the best way was to take out the strategists. Yeah, that had to be it.